Camping sites accessible from the Middle Fork Trail

There are 3 camp sites within the Cucamonga Wilderness and 2 just before the boundary (Stonehouse and Cedar Glen) .  Third Stream Camp and Commanche are accessible from the Middle Fork Trail Head at the end of the dirt road (2N58). The Middle Fork Trail Head parking requires an Adventure Pass. You can check the Adventure Pass section of this website for more information.

These camp sites are located right next to a water source (stream) so during the summer months, be sure to take bug repellent with you. Mosquitoes are highly active during dusk and dawn hours. 

Rattlesnakes are abundant here so watch where you step!  If you come across a rattlesnake, allow a significant amount of distance and do not provoke the snake. It may be tempting to get a closer look but in an instant, your fun camping trip may turn into an emergency medical situation with no cellphone reception to call for help.

Campfires are not allowed in Wilderness areas on the San Bernardino National Forest.

Stonehouse Camp (.75 miles from parking area): 

This is a great camping site for easy access from the Middle Fork Trail Head parking. It is just outside the Cucamonga Wilderness Boundary so you will not need a Wilderness Permit to visit or camp there.

From the parking area, hike up the trail and at the first junction, take the left trail that heads down. You will cross the creek to enter the camp site area. Water flows just next to the camp with large pools of water for cooling off during hot summer days.

Third Stream Camp (2.5 miles from parking area):

Third Stream Camp is located on the Middle Fork Trail when you cross Third Stream, the camp is to the right of the trail above the stream. This camp is inside the Cucamonga Wilderness and requires a Wilderness Permit to visit or camp. Check with the Lytle Creek Ranger Station for availability and issuance of permits: (909) 382-2851).

Water flows throughout most of the year at this site and just below the camp area making it a great secluded destination for camping. 

Commanche Camp (3.8 miles from parking area):

Commanche Camp is located on the Middle Fork Trail about 1.3 miles past Third Stream crossing. The trail runs right through the camp site so you can't miss it.  This camp is inside the Cucamonga Wilderness and requires a Wilderness Permit to visit or camp. Check with the Lytle Creek Ranger Station for availability and issuace of permits: (909) 382-2851).

There is a creak right next to the camp and flowing most of the year. This camp site is the most remote and secluded camp site in the Cucamonga Wilderness offering solitude.  The trail does run through part of the camp site so there might be hikers throughout the day and even night time on occasions. 

This camp can also be accessed by parking on in the Angeles National Forest at the Icehouse Trail Head parking and hiking down from the Saddle to the camp. Big Horn Sheep are highly active at and near Commanche camp so listen for them. Falling rocks are a good indicator that sheep near. 

Developed Camping sites in the Lytle Creek area

Developed camp sites are great for families and those who want the experience of camping without the hassle of hiking in their gear, food, water, etc. Apple White developed campsite has amenities such as restrooms facilities, water source, and campfire rings. You can drive right up to your camp area just a few yards from where you will set up your tent(s).  

Apple White Campground 

(Click on picture for more info)

Current Status: OPEN

Yellow Post Camping in Lytle Creek

Yellow Post Sites are campsites within remote areas on back roads or trails where campfires are allowed as long as the fire stays within the designated fire ring and fire restrictions allow. A free California Campfire Permit is required for any Yellow Post site in the Forest. Sites are available on a firstcome, first-served basis. An Adventure Pass may be required.

Fire restrictions and guidelines effective Friday June 28, 2013 on the San Bernardino National Forest are as follows:

  • Wood and charcoal fires are permitted only in developed campgrounds and picnic grounds and within agency provided fire rings or camp stoves.
  • Wood and charcoal fires are not permitted at Yellow Post campsites, Fisherman’s Camp, Cedar Springs, or the following Pacific Crest Trail Camps:
  • Bench Camp
  • Deer Springs
  • Doble
  • Holcomb Crossing
  • Little Bear Springs
  • Mission Springs
    • Campfire permits are required for propane and gas stoves and lanterns used outside of all developed recreation sites.
    • Recreational shooting is limited to Public Shooting Ranges operated under special use permit only, except those engaged in legal hunting.
    • An approved spark arrester is required for any internal combustion engine operated on designated forest routes. These include chainsaws, generators, motorcycles, and off-highway vehicles.
    • Smoking is limited to an enclosed vehicle or building, or within a Developed Recreation Site.
    • Fireworks are always prohibited on the San Bernardino National Forest.

The US Forest Service will be aggressively citing those who do not comply with the posted restrictions. Violation of these prohibitions is subject to punishment by a fine of not more than $10,000 or imprisonment for not more than six months or both, as Class B misdemeanors under federal law.  Persons may also be responsible for resource damage, suppression costs and any injuries that occur if they are found liable for causing a wildfire.