How to obtain a California Concealed Firearms Permit for San Bernardino county Residents

  • Fill out an online application at:
  • Once you fill out the application you will be directed to select an "interview" date. 
  • On the Interview day, bring all required documentation listed on the instructions. You will speak with a Deputy Sheriff who will ask you simple questions and have you fill out another form for criminal background check. The Deputy will run your name through the computer on the day of the interview and ANY AND ALL police contact nationwide will be revealed. If you didn't list something on the application or questionnaire he just had you fill out, the interview is over with a rejection of application. So list all police contact, any arrests, detentions, convictions, dismissals,  even minor traffic tickets and parking tickets. Bottom line: If you lie, they will find out and you will be rejected. What they are looking for is the "Good Morale Character" element at this time. 
  • Once you pass the interview, you will be directed to go the the Live Scan department. You will get your biometrics done (Fingerprints, picture) and fill out the DOJ and FBI background check form.
  • After you are done with that, you will be told that they will call you with the results.
  • References, employment and neighborhood checks will be conducted by a background investigator. They will physically go to your neighborhood and talk with your neighbors to further determine your residence status and "good morale character". They will send your employer a character reference request. 
  • About 90 days after your interview date, you will either receive a rejection letter or a phone call if you passed the background check. If you pass and receive a phone call, this is the time they will schedule a range day for you. 
  • Range day is scheduled about 30 days after your phone call. You will sit in class for half the day and then head out to the range for live fire qualification. 
  • If you pass the range day, you will receive another call about 2-3 weeks later to schedule an appointment to pick up your California Concealed Firearms Permit. 
  • The permit is good in the state of CA for 2 years at which time you will renew with SBSD. 
  • You can see the live fire range qualification video here: CA CFP Range Day

Total time currently from application to receiving your permit in hand is running about 9-10 months (As of August 2016) for San Bernardino County residents.