Stonehouse:  The water level in the stream is still very good and running clear after the        recent storms at Stonehouse.  There has been some severe flash floods so don't be surprised if your favorite swimming hole is gone!


     Stonehouse Trail : From the Middle Fork Trailhead to the first trail junction at mile 0.6 the trail is in good condition.  From the junction down to StoneHouse the trail has one minor wash out that can be easily crossed.  The flash floods have re-arranged the creek but it is still passable at both crossings.

    Middle Fork Trail Condition: From the junction with StoneHouse trail at mi 0.6 to the junction with Stonehouse trail at mi 1.7 the trail has had several major washouts from recent flash floods but is passable.  Just be careful at the 1.0 mile wash.



A new sign at the Middle Fork Trail Head has been posted reminding everyone that Wilderness Permits are required in the Cucamonga Wilderness at mile 1.7.  See the website for more information.

Trail crews will be out in the next few weeks to start repairing the storm damage.

Remember we have had a dry winter so fire restrictions are still in place - CAMPFIRES ARE NOT PERMITTED.